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Valley Iron Renewal

Valley Iron Renewal

Valley iron is an important part of the roof. It is essentially a gutter that is installed at the bottom of two sloping roof surfaces in order to ensure that the water flows away from the house. With time, the metal wears away and needs to be renewed eventually.

If the valley iron on your roof needs renewal, contact Residential Roofing right away. We will examine the valley iron and metal flashing on your roof and will suggest the plan of action.

We are equipped with a technical team and the equipment required to remove the old valley and install a new one. We use the best materials such as zinc, colorbond or gal, depending on the requirements of your roof.

What can go wrong with the Valley Iron?

Valley Iron is placed to divert rainwater into the roof gutters. If it is damaged, water will begin to seep into the house, creating a lot of problems. However, numerous things can go wrong with Valley Iron because of wear and tear.

For one, the cement used for roofing might flow into the valley gutter and block it. Over time, the cement gradually corrodes the metal, in addition to blocking the flow of water. These blocks need to be cleaned at regular intervals.

Valleys that are not well maintained can rust. Gradually, the rust spreads to the guttering system and makes it unfit for use. Rust can also make small holes in the valley and aggravate leakage. Furthermore, during bad weathers and hailstones, rusted valley iron can be seriously damaged.

In most cases, rusted and damaged valley irons cannot be repaired. Valley iron replacement is often the best solution. However, in some cases, if the rusting is only superficial, we can recoat it with a metal primer to curtain the rusting. After applying the coat, the gutters are re-bedded and repointed. Finally, the valley iron is sealed. We can decide on the Valley Iron renewal process only after inspecting the roof.

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